Dumped On: Chatham’s Biggest Illegal Dump Trashed Again

Dumped On: Chatham's Biggest Illegal Dump Trashed Again (Image 1)

There is a new investigation into an old dumping ground just outside Savannah’s city limits. The illicit dump appeared to be a dirty little secret for scores of people who dumped everything, including toilets, roofing shingles, household garbage, and more.  

Chatham County Zoning Administrator, Bob Sebek, labeled the site the biggest illegal dump in the county. Months of work  went into cleaning up the site. The county and a trio of private land owners were the parties responsible for clean-up.  

“One of the property owners managed to provide information on the ownership of one of the boats and that man did come out, apparently and get rid of the boat because it was gone when the property owner came out to clean up the property,”  Sebek said.  His office oversees investigations into illegal dumps in Chatham County.  Seeing the reclaimed site receive a fresh load of illegal trash is more than troubling for Sebek.  “I’m just very frustrated. We’re going to have to spend more county money to clean this up again. We, as you know, the county has got lots of other things they can be spending money on other than making people behave.”

The county will come in and tackle this latest round of dumping and the plan is in the works to close this area off by moving the access gate further down the road.  

Illegal dumping carries a potential fine of up to a thousand dollars and possible jail time for repeat offenders. Sebek is launching a new investigation to see if some of the new trash has clues to where it came from.  

“We appreciate any help that folks can give us with things like this because once again, this is your money that is being spent to take care of this so if you can help us it helps you.”  

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