Answers Demanded In Ajibade Death At The Chatham County Jail

Answers Demanded In Ajibade Death At The Chatham County Jail (Image 1)

Answers are still being sought in the death of a man at the Chatham County Detention Center in January. Mathew Ajibade was taken to the jail while allegedly in the midst of a bipolar episode. Jail staff say Ajibade became combative during the booking process and was restrained. He died a short time later.

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation has been investigating Ajibade’s death. The agency turned over their report to the Chatham County District Attorney’s Office two week’s ago. Spokesperson Kristin Fulford says the prosecutor is in the process of reviewing the large file – but there is no timeline available for when a decision could be made on whether any charges in the case are warranted – because the Prosecutor has requested some additional investigation and it’s unknown how long that could take.

Meanwhile, concerned community groups are holding a news conference in Wright Square this afternoon demanding answers regarding how Ajibade died. Following the news conference, the group plans to formally present a letter requesting those answers to Chatham County Sheriff Al St. Lawrence. News 3 will be there and bring you the latest as it happens.

To read the letter delivered to the Sheriff’s Office, click here.

Sheriff Al St. Lawrence released a statement in this case. You can read that here.

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