Sister of Truman Parkway Accident Victim speaks to News 3 about Biker and Driver Safety

Sister of Truman Parkway Accident Victim speaks to News 3 about Biker and Driver Safety (Image 1)

Two motorcyclists are in recovery tonight after being critically injured following two separate accidents yesterday afternoon.

The first happened on the Truman Parkway.

56-year-old Julian Fulton Jr., the Wayne County coroner, lost control when he changed lanes and hit the rumble strip on the side of the road.

The next on Abercorn Street in front of Best Buy.

A 17-year-old in a bUick made an illegal u-turn, colliding with the motorcyclist.

The force catapulted 24-year-old Wilson Pena over the car.

The major accident investigation team is still working on both accidents.

Savannah Chatham metro police tell us that in and around Savannah last year 4 people were killed in accidents involving motorcycles.

So far in 2015 3 people have already been killed.

“When you’re riding a motorcycle it’s safety, safety safety, because you’re having to look out for you as well as the cars,” says Julie Fulton who returned to the scene of her brother’s accident Tuesday afternoon.

She counts her blessings that her brother is alive.

“He is awake he is talking to us, he recognized me a while ago and you know god is good.”

Glen Newcomer is with the motorcycle club Savannah Hogs.

In all of his fifty years of accident free riding, he knows being safe is about being aware of your surroundings, especially in the city.

“When you’re in a city environment and there’s crossroads or any kind of intersections you’re more vulnerable,” Newcomer says.

His advice for drivers, reduce the distractions and increases awareness.

“When you pull out of an intersection, you look a quick left, you look a quick right and you’re looking for a car and you’re not expecting a motorcycle but keep in you mind that there might be a motorcycle, that might be what you need to see.”

For bikers, it’s about visibility; front lighting, bike and wardrobe color, all can help make you more visible to drivers.

And as Julie Fulton gathers up what’s left at the scene of her brother’s accident, she hopes bikers and drivers alike make safety their no. 1 responsibility on the road.

An interesting point Fulton made to me was her brother Julian will be celebrating a birthday tomorrow. She says any gifts or get well soon cards can be sent to the heart and lung unit at memorial hospital.

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