Savannah Peewee Football Coach Remembered

Savannah Peewee Football Coach Remembered (Image 1)

A triple murder in East Savannah is still unsolved.

On the night of April 13th, Metro Police were called to a home at the corner of NE 36th and Live Oak street where they found three bodies inside, all suffered fatal gunshot wounds.

That evening neighbors crowded the street distraught, begging police for answers.

Now, three weeks later, authorities haven’t announced any new suspects and a peewee football team is without a beloved coach who turned out to be one of the victims.

According to team organizers, Bears Elite Coach Garry Mells was more than just a football coach to the kids he worked with every week.

They tell News 3, to many of the boys, Mells was like a father figure and he is sorely missed.

“It was kids first with him,” says founder of Bears Elite, Demetrius Holloway. “Most people you can tell their reasons for being in it, I believe Garry was in it from his heart.”

The team’s motto is “One Team, One Family,” something Holloway believe Mells took to heart.

“Garry was always on time. If I called, Garry was the first person at the park and he was usually the last person to leave so he was very dedicated as a coach.”

They tell us his dedication went further than the football field.  Mells was often known to take the kids to Chuck E Cheese on weekends and even made appearances at their schools.

“I want people to remember man that he was a guy who did things from his heart and he was dedicated for his age,” said Holloway. “You don’t see that a lot, especially not in our city.”

To learn more about the Bears Elite Football Organization, click here. They will be taking sign ups through August.


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