Palmetto Pipeline Meeting in Savannah

Palmetto Pipeline Meeting in Savannah (Image 1)

More discussions Monday Night about the proposed Palmetto Pipeline that would run from South Carolina through Georgia and into Florida.

A group called “Emergent Savannah” invited people to come out to a coffee shop next to Forsyth Park on Monday to express their feelings on the Kinder Morgan proposal.

The Texas-based company wants to build the pipeline to move petroleum products along the Savannah River.  But organizers of Monday’s meeting say the company better start listening to what they have to say.

K.C. Allan, Push Back the Pipeline Coalition: “We’re just trying to get everybody together and say hey, can’t we just talk about this like why do we have to be so polarized?  Why do we have to be in so much conflict?  Why can’t Kinder Morgan just listen to us? Hear what we have to say and act accordingly because if they did, they wouldn’t be putting down the pipeline.”

Proponents of the billion dollar project say it could mean a lot of jobs and additional tax revenue for our area.

The next public hearing for the Palmetto Pipeline will be on Thursday, May 7 at Augusta Technical College in Waynesboro, Georgia starting at 5pm.

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