Jerk for a Day: As Leopold’s Ice Cream Readies for Job Fair, News 3 Tried Out Our Soda Jerk Skills

Leopold's expands by launching shipping service and raising money to help writing students in Savannah.

Do you have what it takes to be a soda jerk at Leopold’s Ice Cream?

The ice cream and soda shop has been serving homemade scoops for almost a century.

Now they are hiring soda jerks and ice cream fanatics to fill several open positions at the Broughton street location.

The family owned business is looking for eager motivated workers.

“Looking for anyone who just loves ice cream and loves people,” says Stratton Leopold, owner Leopold’s ice cream

So News 3’s Andrew James decided to take the challenge and be a jerk for a day.

We met up with Rob Rinaldi who has been on the job for six months but he’s full time and he says his hours can still be flexible.

“It’s a fun work environment, you know it’s fast paced but definitely fun day by day you know,” says Rinaldi.

For those prospective soda jerks, Leopold’s is looking to hire a lot of folks for their catering jobs as well as behind line workers.

“We’re a growing business and we want folks to grow with us,” says Leopold.

The ice cream guru is about to explode with plans to launch a new creamery in midtown Savannah and restore the original ice cream shop closer to River Street. So jumping on the Leopold’s team now could mean more than just a summer job for some folks.

For me it meant more free ice cream.

But Rinaldi says it’s a perfect place for anyone as long as you just love ice cream.

“Have good energy and be a positive person you’re ready to talk to people..”

Leopold’s Ice Cream will host a job fair at their 212 E. Broughton Street location on Saturday, May 2nd from 8-10am.  All positions are being sought including Soda Jerks, Assistant Managers and Catering Crew.  Applicants should bring a pen, come dressed for success and be ready to eat some ice cream

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