Eastside Alliance Brings Concerns About Crime To Council

Crime on Savannah’s East side was a big topic of conversation in City Council on Thursday. Several neighborhood organizations have joined together to form the eastside alliance – a group of concerned citizens determined to fight crime. Leaders of the group went to council to ask for help the group has around 250 members and is growing. The shooting that happened on Texas Street last night – just hours after they approached council illustrates better than anything else could – their frustration with crime in their neighborhoods.

In order to stop crime from continuing to grow – the group is asking Council for four things – one hundred more officers, an East side precinct, more officers walking beats and a halt to what they call frivolous spending by Council in order to fund it all. Eastside Alliance Founder Nikki Carangelo today what prompted her address to Council, “The problem has been growing for the past five years – we’ve noticed a serious – just an upswing in crime since we lost our precincts over here and safety has become the number one concern of the residents who live in the entire east side I mean it’s very difficult to function when you’re hearing gunshots.”

The group has asked for a written response from city officials to their requests and to have some community meetings with their representatives to address the issue. If you’d like more information or would like to join the Eastside Alliance – click the link to their facebook page from this story.

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