A Savannah Woman Fights Breast Cancer with Lipstick

A Savannah Woman Fights Breast Cancer with Lipstick (Image 1)

Losing a family member to breast cancer is devastating,-but there are things you can do to help cope with the loss.
Here’s a look at a woman showcasing her creative talent to keep her mother’s memory alive.
Angelita rice-sanders believes in good breast health.
She started having her annual mammogram at Mary Telfair Pavilion 21 years ago…23 years after breast cancer killed her mother.    
“I was with her every step of the way from stage one to stage 4, and I saw what my mother went through,” explains Angelita.
 An expensive journey that her business owner father paid for out of pocket.
“My dad didn’t have any insurance , So when my mom would go through chemo he would leave a check on the table for me to pay the doctor.  It’s just to God be the glory that he was able to have that paid for my mom.”
Angellita says she was stunned so she set out to help uninsured women get mammograms.
The answer – a new makeup line –Faces One On One.
This Domestic Diva demonstrates her lipstick making talent.  
“I’ve mixed this up so that it’s pink and it turns into lipstick and I make these out of all natural ingredients coconut oil, vitamin E, Olive Oil.”
The lipstick is named “Save The Twins” in honor of her mother.
“Once this is done I have to work extremely fast with putting this in the mold.  Now this mold will make 4 tubes of the Save The Twins Lipstick.”
 Here’s the finished product.
“It’s actually in the lipstick tube as you can see and it’s stamped Save the Twins with the breast cancer symbol there on it.”
 Believing in pink, hope, courage, and happinesss, Angelita plans to stay in the fight to help women live longer.
“Keep the faith, don’t give up.  You can beat it.  Get your mammograms.”
Angelita says proceeds from “Save The Twins” Lipstick will be shared with The Mary Telfair Pavilion in Savannah and breast health services in her hometown, Fort Lauderdale, Florida.
You can check out Angelita’s full product line by visiting www.facesoneonone.com  

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