Georgia Southern University mourns loss of 5 students in tragic accident

Georgia Southern University mourns loss of 5 students in tragic accident (Image 1)

 Georgia Southern University came together to mourn the loss of 5 nursing students on Wednesday.

Emily Clark, Morgan Bass, Abbie Deloach, Catherine McKay Pittman, and Caitlyn Baggett were on their way to their last set of clinicals at St. Joseph/Candler when the deadly wreck happened between two tractor-trailers and 5 cars on I-16.

Two other students, Brittany McDaniel and Megan Richards remain in the hospital, being treated for their injuries. Their current condition is unknown at this time.

Many students first became aware of what happened on social media, through Facebook and Twitter.

“It’s so sad what happened that there’s nothing much you can really do,” said Carly Buttinghouse, a freshman on GSU’s campus.

Some students say [what happened] almost didn’t even feel real for them…

“When they sent out the names, that’s when it hit everybody pretty hard…I know me and all my friends, everything just came to a halt,” Freshman student Caleb Greer told News 3.

As students continue to try and cope with the loss of what feels like family for some, they are doing their best to support one another, too.

“I saw a lot of the sororities and fraternities walking to K-D and A-D-Pi’s house, and just giving mourning and regards to the sisters who have lost a sister in the wreck,” said Buttinghouse.

The victims’ sororities came together to remember the women they formed a sisterhood with–a bond for life.

“I couldn’t imagine what it would be like if I lost any of my sisters or friends on campus,” Buttinghouse told News 3.

Their legacies will continue to live on on Georgia Southern University’s Campus. 

The president of the university says the flag will fly at half-staff in their honor on Thursday.

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