Chickenpox On SCAD Campus

Chickenpox On SCAD Campus (Image 1)

The Coastal Health District tells News 3 there are two confirmed cases of chickenpox among students on Savannah’s SCAD campus. They are working with the school’s administration to investigate what are believed to be additional cases, as well as to prevent the spread of the disease to students and staff.

Health officials point out that most people recover from chickenpox in five to ten days, but anyone with a weakened immune system who has not been vaccinated can suffer serious complications.

Symptoms of chickenpox include an itchy rash, fever, fatigue, headache and loss of appetite.  Symptoms often do not appear until 10 to 21 days after exposure.  The virus is spread when an infected person coughs or sneezes, or by touching virus particles.  Often an infected person can spread the virus before they know they are infected.

Dr. Diane Weems, director of the health district, isencouraging anyone who thinks they may have been exposed to be vaccinated. Shesays normally exposure comes from close contact but also reiterates thatchickenpox is very contagious. She says SCAD is working through its networks,including social media, to alert students and faculty.

For more information on chickenpox, go to

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