GSU Eagles Football Team Ahead of the Curve in Year 2

GSU Baseball Enters Sun Belt Conference as #4 Seed (Image 1)

 Other big story this week, on the football field…Georgia Southern Eagles officially cranking up year two of the willie fritz era…sun belt conference champions and looking to build on perfect from a year ago… all starts in the spring….that’s right now.  Kickoff is months away, but the work and preparation for opening day really starts about now. “It’s always interesting when you lose great players, whose gonna replace those guys.” says Head Coach Willie Fritz.

The Eagles opened spring practice last week looking to replace 3 starters on defense and 6 on the offense. Not absurd numbers at all, especially when your quarterback or in GSU’s case quarterbacks plural are both coming back with a full year in this offense under their belts.
 “The offense that we run now, we love it.  We’ve all adapted to it. So just gonna keep pushing on with it.” Kevin Ellison, Eagles Quarterback.

While the 2014 edition of the Eagles scored enough points, it was the defense really that stood out and made them Sun Belt Conference champions.  “We need someone to replace Edwin jackson. Deon Stanley.” says Fritz, now entering his 2nd year at Southern. “That’s gonna be interesting and we’ll be able to see that when we get through 15 practices.”

Regardless, a lot of things can happen between now and season opener in September. Starting jobs won or lost, there are always injuries and incoming freshman to manage in the Fall. But no one will dispute that championship teams are built now, when the stands are empty.  “The number one thing I saw is retention.” Fritz added. “Guys retained what we did from the fall out here for Spring Practice.”

Georgia Southern’s Spring Game will be held on April 18th at Paulson Stadium, 1:00pm

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