Maxwell Wins 2015 Ron Love Scholarship Award

Maxwell Wins 2015 Ron Love Scholarship Award (Image 1)

  High school basketball season has been over for  about a week now, but this afternoon, a number of athletes and administrators gathered to honor one outstanding student athlete. Someone who excels on the court as well as off it.

 It’s an exclusive club to be part of, but now it has one more member.

The Ron Love Memorial Scholarship is one of the areas most cherished awards. It’s given to one young man every year from Savannah’s basketball region AAA. The winner must exhibit leadership, integrity, citizenship and display a tremendous work ethic. Essentially carrying on the teachings the coach Ron Love also taught and expected of any student he came in contact with. Including Savannah High School Coach Tim Jordan. “It’s more tan about just on the basketball court. a lot of these guys have been touched by Coach Love like myself. I’m the only guy in this room got a chance to coach with him.” said Jordan.

This year’s winner….Antwan Karell Maxwell from Johnson High School is planning to attend college at Charleston Southern next year, a nice thousand dollar check is as good as any assist he got on the court. “I give credit to my parents. They also teach me the value of education first, athletics second, so. I just always keep that in back of my mind.  Always, if there’s no education, then there’s no basketball.” said Maxwell.  Winner

The award is great. The honor obviously tremendous, but ultimately this is as much about honoring Savannah’s own as it is an individual. A lot of these young men are rivals on the court from November to early March, but today it’s about supporting each other and representing the Savannah family.

 “any of these gentlemen could win it cuz they are academically and athletically sound as well. I’m just glad to be honored for this. Another opportunity and it’s just a blessing from God.” said Maxwell.

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