A ‘Tornado’ in Your TAP

A 'Tornado' in Your TAP (Image 1)

Saving water can be beautiful.  Designer creates water vortex that feels softer and uses less water. 

A ‘tornado’ in your tap…  it’s called the Swirl tap.  A tap that sends the water flowing through it into a swirling vortex pattern.  The designer says the hollow vortex of water created by faucet could save around 15 percent more water than standard taps, and he says the design feels better on your skin too.

Simin Qiu, a student at the London Royal College of Art, said he hopes the design becomes popular in hotels and homes.  He says it took him months to create the design.

“It’s a very simple design,” Simin says.  “I’ve used two turbines to create the effect, with one making the water flow clockwise and the other counterclockwise.  It is more comfortable on people’s hands because it’s not flowing in a solid line.”

To turn on the tap, you simply touch a switch on the top.  The temperature, however, has to be preset.  This way the water comes out at the right temperature.

Mr. Qui says he hopes his design will be ready by the end of year.  While it will be more expensive than ordinary taps, he hopes it will be in some hotels and homes.

(sources:  CNET, Bored Panda, Daily Mail, Science Alert)

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