Love in a Cold Climate

Love in a Cold Climate (Image 1)

Thermal undies, wedding day winter boots, brandy and makeup to hide the groom’s cold, red nose – these are the secrets of Siberian brides who marry in sub-freezing temperatures.

Why marry in winter?  Well, there really isn’t a choice.

Here at home in Savannah ~ we live in a romantic city.  It’s a beautiful place to get married.  Most brides simply hope to keep the rain away. 

But in eastern Russia, brides-to-be hope for a day that isn’t too brutally cold.  In Siberia, harsh winters can last for up to nine months of the year.  So planning what to wear… well, it can be an agonizing dilemma.

First when it comes to footwear, brides say definitely no high heels. 

Next, brides wear warm thick tights or thermals under the dress.  The legs and feet must stay warm.

Typically, the wedding dress is long.  Some brides try to wrap something around their necks.

Sometimes, however, the desire to be beautiful wins over common sense.  Even getting photographs can be challenging. 

One photographer in Siberia says most couples want to take outside photographs.  They want to run around in the snow, make snowmen, go ice skating, etc.  But most couples can only last around ten minutes out in the cold.  They get cold and start shivering, and their noses, ears and hands get bright red.  At this point, there’s no point in taking pictures.

So it’s not just an issue for brides.  The men also have to follow some unusual fashion advice. 

Grooms must wear good hats that cover their ears.  Otherwise, the ears will get bright red in seconds.  Makeup has to be applied for this reason on both ears and noses. 

And finally, some bring along a hot toddy… usually tea with brandy.  It can helps but not for long. 

(sources:  Business Insider and Daily Mail)

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