Activewear Treated with Crab and Shrimp Shells

Activewear Treated with Crab and Shrimp Shells (Image 1)
Activewear Treated with Crab and Shrimp Shells (Image 1)

 New clothing line treated with crab and shrimp shells promises to never fade, crease or even SMELL after a workout.

Strongbody Apparel is treated with Chitosante, an environmentally friendly and nontoxic antibacterial nanotechnology from the ocean to make fabric more breathable and moisture wicking.  Most importantly, the company claims, it makes the clothing odorless.

Quincy Samycia is a Vancouver-based personal trainer, and she founded Strongbody Apparel with his girlfriend Meghan Conyers.  The two say Chitosante actually kills bacteria, so this will prevent any odor from developing. 

“We were inspired to start Strongbody as we wanted to create something we were comfortable enough in to workout, as well as walk our dog and grab a coffee – all while looking good,” Samycia says.  “That’s our lifestyle, and we couldn’t find anything that did that for us.”

So far, the two have been self-funding the clothing line, but they have recently turned to Kickstarter for funding.
They have already surpassed their goal, and the fundraiser doesn’t end until December 4th. 

And like the company Toms, there is a philanthropic element to the Strongbody line.   The ‘Buy One, Feed One’ program means that each time a customer buys a product, Strongbody Apparel will fund a non-profit organization that feeds underprivileged children.

“The company strives to make a product that is better for the world and the customer,” Samycia says.

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