Savannah Steam Hold 2nd Tryout

Savannah Steam Hold 2nd Tryout (Image 1)

With all the talk about football in the air, one Savannah team is still 6-7 months away from their season beginning. It’s professional football and it’s coming to the Savannah Civic Center in 2015.

The Savannah Steam, Savannah’s new Arena football team got some tryouts in Saturday afternoon at Daffin Park before the skies opened up and we got all of that rain.  The steam are part of the X-Football League.  A little different than Arena League Football that you may be accustomed to, but regardless, they can’t play without players.  So they are looking for guys to come out and show the steam what they’ve got. Who knows where it could lead. “This gives everybody, older guys a chance to make it to the next level.  We’ve got a team out of our league that had a guy playing with the Dallas Cowboys this year.  He played with our league two years ago.  So, It gives everybody another shot at their dreams.” says team owner and coach Bobby Dammarell.

The steam are expected to hold another open tryout on September the 6th.  For More information, click here.

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