GSU Equipment Staff Keeping Very Busy

GSU Equipment Staff Keeping Very Busy (Image 1)

 Some people will say, its all the same. Only the names will change.  But there is a new kind of excitement deep inside the Georgia Southern program.  Way deep inside.  “We’re super excited to be here.  You know, it’s just an amazing facility.  It’s gonna do wonders for our program.” says Stewart Carter, Head Equipment Manager at Georgia Southern.

Carter is the guy that oversees everything that happens before players step onto a field for their first practice. Proper fits, proper equipment, proper dress is all part of the equation.  Combine a regular job with a move into a new football facility at Paulson Stadium and a new equipment room and you get a man who’s staff has been burning the candle at both ends for a couple of weeks now.  “I’ve probably gotten a full week in , in 2-3 days to be honest with you on a couple of those days.” he says.

The signs that they all have essentially lived in this room for two weeks are everywhere.  Take delivery on 580 pounds of new shoes and get them distributed? Check.   Prepare decals for new helmets?  Check.   Make sure the uniforms both practice and game jerseys are ready to go?  Check check check. It’s a full time job and then some.  “That there is.  But it’s what I enjoy.  It’s my contribution to georgia southern football and georgia southern athletics.” says Carter.

105 student athletes will check in this week from a long summer.  They’ll each be given their set of gear and clothing.  Yes, even the coach gets one. Just some of the millions of tiny details that go into getting your favorite football team on the field.  The new digs help get everyone excited, but at the end of the day…’s most people’s favorite time of the year….football season has arrived.

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