Want to Repel Mosquitoes? There’s an App for That

Want to Repel Mosquitoes? There's an App for That (Image 1)

The latest buzz on mosquito season… it’s here and it can be miserable. 
I seem to attract mosquitoes.  Every time I step outside, I get bit.  But there’s a new high-tech weapon that could help, and it doesn’t come in the form of a spray or clip.  It’s simply a free app on your smartphone.

Anti-mosquito apps give off ultrasonic frequencies that are designed to scare the mosquitoes away.  They do this by either mimicking the sounds of mosquito predators, such as dragonflies and bats, or by using the sound by the wings of male insects.  See once a female has mated, she avoids contact with males. 
The most popular app is called the Anti Mosquito Sonic Repeller.  This app claims that the pitch of the sound it produces is so high that most humans don’t notice it. 

The app, however, does not guarantee 100% protection.  The reason why is because there are more than 3,500 known mosquito species in the world, and they all react differently to the frequencies. 

So are you willing to try the app? 

Some say you should expect it to fail.  The problem is that the idea isn’t new or untested.  This idea has actually been around for decades.  Before smart phone apps, the sound was emitted from plug-in or battery-powered electronic devices.  You can still buy these by the way.  Even radio stations have tried to broadcast the sound.  In all, these have been tested many times, and they failed.  Sometimes, they even attract more mosquitoes. 

But if you still want to give it a try, the app comes with two screens.  One shows a picture of a mosquito and an ‘on’ button with the word ‘inactive’ describing the current status of the app.  You simply press the button, the app emits a buzzing sound, draws a red circle with a bar across the mosquito, and changes the message to ’emitting ultrasonic sound.’

(sources:  MSN, BBC, IBN Live)

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