Pro Football Coming to Savannah Spring 2015

Pro Football Coming to Savannah Spring 2015 (Image 1)

Professional football is coming to Savannah.  Bobby Dammarell is making happen.  “I told the guys, my semi-pro guys 3 years ago.  I said “i’m going arena.  I said gimmie three years I’m gonna go arena.”  says Dammarell, a former Semi-pro football player turned owner.

The Savannah Steam is set to kick off at the Savannah Civic Center next Spring headed up by Bobby Dammarell, .a Savannahian himself, graduate of Tompkins High School in their last class of 1989.  He says he’s thought for a while area football would work here in his hometown and his putting his own money where his mouth is.

“I got an opportunity to take over the Pennsylvania Steam.  When we did that, I bought that team and I changed it to Savannah Steam.  So it just saved me a lot of hassle and finances.” says Dammarell.

Thursday night some of the players held a get acquainted meeting in Savannah to discuss their plans going forward.  One thing they’d all agree on is they are very excited about the potential here.  “We’ll be the only 2nd professional team in Savannah.” says Jaha Taylor, a Jenkins High Graduate and former Savannah State football player.  “First it would be the Sand Gnats then it would be the Savannah Steam. So I truly believe Savannah will support us 100%”

Real football, in the Spring, coming to the Savannah Civic Center.  Sounds like it has all the makings of a great time.  “A lot of people like scoring.  Arena is all about scoring. So it’s a lot different than outdoor ball. It’s indoor ball and it’s very exciting.”

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