Ladies enjoy their hand at Football

So you don’t think it’s always football season?   Just ask these young ladies.  Yes, i said ladies.  “I was looking for something to do, by myself without having to be a mom.  Without having to be a parent, a nurse.  I was like well talking about a football team.” says Kim Young, back up quarterback and team captain with the Savannah Sabers.

“I’m enjoying it”  says C.J. Pace

The Savannah sabers are a full contact, full pad, very much organized women’s football team here in town.  How organized?  They play their games at Memorial Stadium just like the rest do in the Fall.   Only this is a Winter/Spring league.  “This is football.  There’s nothing taken out of it because they are women.” says their head coach Chris Harris.  “Oh, I love it.  There’s nothing like getting out on the field.  Making that first tackle.” adds Young, who’s been with team for five years now.

There is a lot of work involved, sometimes child care is an issue, so they just bring them along.  It’s an activity, its fun and for CJ Pace, assistant basketball coach at Armstrong,  its a good way to stay in shape and enjoy some time in the off-season.  “I’m thinkin’ I’m coming out here, play a little catch, maybe hit a few people.  Get hit a little bit.” says Pace.   “But no, we were full pads. All out.  They handed me some gear and I was like “head in, let’s go!”

Their season is about to wrap up, but they are always looking for more players to play here at Memorial or travel around the south for their road games.  These ladies enjoy it and they say there is always room for more.

“I was a little bit of a football fan.  Nowhere near the fan I am now.” says Young.

“It’s fun playing with these women.”  They go hard at it.  They don’t get paid for it.  All fun and games.  Everybody wants to win, but it’s fun.” says pace.

For more information on the Savannah Sabers you can call coach Chris Harris at (912) 503-5352.

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