Half Rubber Tournament in Daffin Park

Rift with Richt, Johnson & Miles? (Image 1)
Rift with Richt, Johnson & Miles? (Image 1)

Saturday afternoon at Daffin Park, a bizarre looking event, part baseball, part handball, part frustrating.  It looked that way anyway.  It’s the 6th annual half rubber ball tournament.  Put together by a group of players here in town every year.  Teams from Charleston and Savannah all get together to play all day and in the process raise money for a scholarship to send a deserving student to Benedictine.  The game?  looks bizarre  A lot of history behind it.  “There is a lot of debate about where it originated.” says event organizer Kevin Aimar. “Savannah says it was here, Charleston says it was there.”   He adds.

“We have teams here from Charleston, Savannah, Millen and Statesboro.”  “We practice down at Isle of Hope.  Some guys practice at Hall Park.” he says.

The full-day tournament expects to raise between $3,000 and $5,000 for a BC scholarship.

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