Sand Gnats Groundskeeper is Rock Solid

Sand Gnats Groundskeeper is Rock Solid (Image 1)

Long before someone takes you out to the ball game, his wheels are turning.  “Usually Cam and I get here about 8:30am” says Andy Rock, Head Groundskeeper at Grayson Stadium.

Andy rock is the heads grounds keeper at Grayson Stadium.  Been so for 8 seasons now.  Keeping everything looking beautiful when your favorite team is on the field.  “We’ll go ahead and hand water the infield clay to get that moisture back in there that we lost when the game was over last night.” he says.

You may not think so, but it is without question a full time job.  In addition to keeping the clay in order, someone has to get the white lines in order right?  Someone has to make sure the bases are looking like new every night and someone has to make sure the grass is getting enough water.  Which in the summer isn’t a huge problem with our summer storms, but too much water can be an issue as well.

“The sun was out for a little while this morning.  We knew, you know, around noon clouds would roll in so, yeah, we definitely cut back on the watering of the infield clay.”

Believe it or not, this isn’t the only field he helps out with.  He’s been asked to regulate the diamond at State Champion Benedictine a couple of times and he’s also worked on fields at Richmond Hill and South Effingham high schools.  He even gets asked for tips from a lot of baseball fans.  “Absolutely, all the time.” he says.    “You know, it’s different you know out here at your house.  You are not going to spend the same amount of money on fertilizer and chemicals like that to take care of your lawn cuz it really gets expensive.”  Just don’t ask him what the lawn at his own home looks like. You might just get a no comment.

“The lawn at my house right now, if someone drove by there, they’d say no way is that guy a groundskeeper.”

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