Waterproof Sand Locker

Waterproof Sand Locker (Image 1)

Forget hiding your valuables under a towel.  Entrepreneur invents a beach locker that screws into the sand. 

Taking valuables to the beach… no, it’s not a good idea.  However, you still may need your ID, cash or debit card.  And what about an electronic device?  Many of us like to listen to music or read.

These are all things you can keep an eye on unless you want to get in the water or take a stroll down the beach.

Well, there’s now a unique locker that can screw into the sand and hold personal items. 

Marcal DaCunha’s Beach Vault is closed by a special waterproof lid, which is supposed to stop any liquid from seeping inside.  You then cover the vault with your towel.  It’s is set to retail for $30. 

The ‘locker’ is 12 inches deep and 6 inches wide. 

Now yes… the vault could still be picked up by a thief, but the company believes it less likely to happen than by leaving belongings out in the open. 

And here’s an added bonus.  With that $30 price tag comes a special towel.  It has a hole cut away for easy access to the beach vault.  You can then cover this with an attached inflatable pillow. 

(sources:  news.com.au, daily mail)

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