BC Cadets ready for Championship Monday

Islands Y Gymnasts Excelling at Nationals (Image 1)

The biggest story going in Savannah right now is the championship game going on Monday at BC  An entire season now boiling down to one winner take all championship game against Greater Atlanta Christian.  Everyone got Sunday off.  But don’t worry, they’ll be ready.

It’s all come down to this.  “We just wanted to battle.  To be honest with you.  You win you stay alive.  That’s what we were fighting for today.  Total team effort. It was fun.” says Stevie Powers, Cadets pitcher.

Championship teams find a way, and despite dropping game one to GAC, the Cadets are zero and zero on the year.  One game.  State Championship in front  of a fantastic home crowd especially considering a holiday weekend.

“They’re everything to us.  We don’t wanna come out.  These fans are the best fans around.” says Powers.

Every single one of them would love to have played next day, but GHSA rules don’t allow it  Instead the title game is set for Monday and everyone will be there.  As they have been to this point.

“And you got people from all over Savannah.  Calvary, Country Day, Savannah Christian coming out to support us wearing BC stuff from head to toe.  With this many people and a crowd like that all around the fence, they keep us energized.  They keep us up.  We just try to keep them excited on the field.” 

“we’ve just gotta win.”

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