Hilton Head Girls Soccer Team Playing for 4th Straight State Championship

Hilton Head Girls Soccer Team Playing for 4th Straight State Championship (Image 1)

Winning a state championship is something most high school athletes will never experience in their lives.  The odds of winning two state championships barely exist.  Now here you have a team, a group of young ladies, on the brink of four state championships.  “Just with four senior, their leadership that play has been a big big help.” says their 5th year head coach Ernie Svozzi.

The Hilton Head High girls soccer team is good  Good enough to be playing for their 4th straight state championship Friday.  Unheard of in high school athletics.  Quite a feat for the 4 seniors on this team.  “This is a brand new team.” says senior Leigh Gray Smith.   “We have a target on our backs.  We have this fire that were gonna go win every year.  It feels the same every year.” she adds.

They lost 12 girls from last years team.  So you’d think they were prepared for a rebuilding year.  Not at all.  Each one of them says they knew pretty early this season that something was special was brewing and no one is surprised to be on the brink of a 4-peat.  “probably in the second scrimmage we went out there and killed the team.  It was awesome.”  says Senior Natalie Mlodzinski.  “Within the first couple of scrimmages we dominated the game.  We really did well early on.” Added Ashely Green.  Another senior who, along with her twin sister is headed to Armstrong for college.  “They are good friends on and off the field.  So when it comes together on the field, they have that competitiveness in them.”  adds their coach.

Will these seniors go 4 for 4?   We’ll find out Friday they they take the field in against Chapin at 5:00pm for a state championship soccer match.  There is no lack of confidence.  “Of course we’re gonna win.  We worked so hard this season.  We are looking to kick some butt tomorrow.” says Smith.

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