Sunscreen Claims to Prevent Jellyfish Stings

Sunscreen Claims to Prevent Jellyfish Stings (Image 1)

Last night, we covered the world’s first drinkable sunscreen.  Now there’s another unusual sunscreen on the market.  This one claims to prevent jellyfish stings.

I will be the first to admit that I am cautious when going into the water at our beaches, and it’s not because of a fear of sharks.  No.  I am scared of those big jellyfish!!! 

Well, a special sun cream has been developed, and it claims to use four different anti-jellyfish formulas.  Swimmers can then be in the water with jellyfish, and even brush past them, WITHOUT being stung. 

The product is called the Lifesystems’ Active Sun Cream, and it includes a mixture of protein and sugar.  This is similar to the substance found in a jellyfish.  Developers say this part is important because it means the jellyfish would brush past a swimmer and simply think it is touching itself and won’t release a sting. 

The sun cream is also pretty thick, so it provides layers of protection.  It makes it hard for the jellyfish to make contact with bare skin. 

But just in case the jellyfish still tries to sting you, there’s an extract of plankton included in the cream.  This is supposed to help block a jellyfish’s sting sensor. 

The sunscreen is available in SPF 25 and 40. 

(sources:  Daily Mail)

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