Ohio States Braxton Miller Headlines Hilton Head Football Camp

Hilton Head High Soccer Wins/Bluffton Softball Falls (Image 1)

We like to say it’s always football season in the south right??  Well with summer right around the corner, it’s about time for camps to start heating up.  One football camp on Hilton Head island has a pretty nice collection of talent doing the teaching.

Seahawks Head Coach B.J. Payne has a football camp running this weekend at Hilton Head High.  Not your average football camp either, a good number of division one football players are there including Gamecocks running back Mike Davis, Hilton Head High grad Michael Julian who’s now at Toledo and the quarterback of the Ohio State Buckeyes,  Braxton Miller  Obviously, the kids are lovin that.

“It’s a camp that we start working on in November or December and it takes about six months to put it on.” says BJ Payne, the camps organizer.

“It’s my first time down here.”  said Miller. “It’s not bad, the weathers pretty good.  Coming from Ohio you know the beach, I can’t beat it so I might as well come down and help the little kids.”

“They are always energetic.” Added Julian “They’re little kids.  They like to have fun and run around.  trying to get instructions.  It’s a lot of fun.”

The camp wraps on Sunday morning.

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