Pro Baseball “On the Clock” in Savannah

Sizzling Sand Gnats Win Again (Image 1)

(Savannah) – Thursday afternoon Savannah City Council holds its bi-weekly meeting… and one of the key subjects on the docket is the Savannah Stadium Project.  Several companies have submitted bids to complete a feasibility study for a new baseball stadium in Savannah.  The team wants a new stadium to replace Historic Grayson Stadium.


Sand Gnats owner Jason Freier tells us he wants to keep the Sand Gnats in Savannah, but only will do so if the City builds a new ballpark.  “If the City chooses NOT to do the study… meaning the prospect is dead, then it’s fair to say baseball is short-lived in Savannah.”

Freier believes City Council will vote to approve the bid by C.H. Johnson Consulting to provide the study for building a new park in Savannah.  The cost to the City would be $55,000.  Should the City accept the bid, he expects the study to take between 6-8 weeks to complete.

Stick with WSAV-TV for all the latest Thursday.

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