UGA Coaches Share Optimism about the future

The smiles were abundant…it’s always good to see the head coaches in town.  “Usually it’s in and out.” said Head Football Coach Mark Richt. “but I’m thankful to be here and say thank you to all of the fan base that come to see us all the time.  We’re always having them come to our place, now we have a chance to come to their place.” he added.

Mark Richt and Mark Fox spent a good bit of time in Savannah last week  at the Charles Morris Center, updating the masses on the state of Bulldogs nation in both football and basketball.  “We’re excited about the kind of team we can have.” said Fox.  “So it’s good to have optimism going into the off-season but we’ve gotta put the work in.”

Of course, the focus during these visits every spring is on the football field  No bigger question in Athens this Spring/Summer than will Hutson Mason be ready for his first full season as signal caller between the hedges. “Sadly, Murray got hurt but it did help Hutson get a couple of starts under his belt.  So I think he’s ready to run our system very much the same way Aaron did.  We’ll see what kind of productivity he has though.” says Richt, who is entering is 14 season in Athens.

And coach Fox continues to build a program that -while failing to qualify for the NCAA tournament-have a lot to be excited about over the next couple of years.  “We finished second in the SEC, we won 20 games.  We have top 5 scorers back.  We’ve got quality kinds coming in to help us, so we’re excited about the kind of team we can have.” Says Fox.  “Really, the goal is to become competitive in the league and the rest should take care of itself.”

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