Just Need Body Heat

Just Need Body Heat (Image 1)

Turn yourself into a walking CHARGER. 

Wearable technology could let you power up mobile phones using your own body heat. 

I have to say that I find the hottest discovery pretty cool.  Experts have now developed technology that could one day power your smartphone using just your body heat.  It’s all being hailed as the next generation of mobile electronic gadgets… wearable computers or devices. 

Scientists say they have a novel solution to provide non-stop power, using thermoelectric energy.

The experts are from South Korea, a team of researchers at KAIST (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology University). 

The team has developed a flexible thermoelectric generator (TE) that allows you to recharge electronic devices from your own body heat.  The device is also suitable for recharging heart monitors, smartglasses, etc. 

So far, there are two types of TE generators.  One is organic, and the other is inorganic.  What is the difference?  Well, some experts say the organic one is highly flexible and compatible with human skin.  It’s supposedly ideal for wearable electronics.  The only downfall is that it has a lower power output. 

The inorganic one produces more energy, but it is heavy, rigid and bulky. 

The group says these devices could be used for even bigger systems in the future, such as vehicles and aircrafts. 

So far, no date has been given when this all could become a reality. 

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