Rising Temperatures, Changing Beer

Rising Temperatures, Changing Beer (Image 1)
Rising Temperatures, Changing Beer (Image 1)

Ahhhhhh!  For some, nothing tops a cold beer on a hot summer day.  Well, experts say rising temperatures could soon affect the price and taste. 

Will the taste of your pint be affected by global warming?  That seems to be the case according to a group of researchers out of Australia. 

From rising sea levels to extreme weather, climate change is blamed for a variety of undesirable events.  Now experts from Australia say global warming could increase the price of beer… and change the taste. 

They say if the planet does in fact get hotter, this will lead to more droughts to regions that grow grains such as barley (the key ingredient to beer). 

With less barley, the price goes up.  Some predict a serving could climb to $20. 

Researchers from the University of Queensland are trying to develop a drought-proof barley. 

The lead researcher says that if they succeed, the drought-proof barley would benefit brewers and farmers.  Farmers would get a decent crop no matter the weather. 

As for maintaining the flavor, that too is a goal. 

Every year, Australia produces about two million tons of malting barley.  Most of this is then exported throughout Asia and the Pacific. 

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