Ga Southern Caravan Rolls thru Savannah

Spring drills in the book, usually time for college football coaches to hit the road, shake hands, maybe sign books.  Here Georgia Southern’s case, meet a few new people.
The Georgia Southern Caravan rolled through downtown Savannah Friday night at the Coastal Georgia Center.  It’s an opportunity for fans to have some personal time with their coaches, pick up some swag and keep themselves up to speed on the state of the eagle nation.  As you might imagine, with the Eagles moving up to the Sun Belt Conference next year, bigger stadium, bigger facilities, bigger demands means bigger importance on getting the message out and raising money to get it all done.

“This year we are doing ten of them.” Says Athletic Director Tom Kleinlein. “Which is expanded from what we’ve done in previous years.  It think it’s important you’ll see here tonight.  We’re gonna get into where we are going in the Sun Belt Conference adn what that means financially and kind of where we need to get to over the next coming years.  These events are informative and also an opportunity to kinda cultivate and get to know people and raise funds.”  says Kleinlein.

Head Coach Willie Fritz also enjoying the ride for the first time says “I’ve been having some low country boil.  Never experienced that before coming from Texas.  I’ve eaten grits about every way you can eat it. I’ve enjoyed that as well.”

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