GSU Spring Drills Winding down after Blue White Scrimmage

“Some of the guys were a little nervous.  Beginning of the ball game.  At the beginning of the ball game that were uncharasteristic of them.  They hadn't done all spring.  They started to calm down a little bit and I thought we go quite a bit out this session.” according to Head Coach Willie Fritz

Once those players settled in, there was quite a bit to see from the Georgia Southern Eagles this weekend, there were some nice looking read option runs by the four quarterbacks that were used in the scrimmage, but there was also some pin point passing including a touchdown pass to James Dean to get the fans excited about what they can expect to see in the Fall.

“The offense just clicked on that play.  Everything worked the way it was supposed to.  The line blocked correctly.  Quarterback threw a good ball and we scored.”  said Dean.

The defense was not to be outdone.  In fact, there were plenty of opportunities to shine on that side of the ball.  And when asked who has stood out this spring, that's right where coach Fritz went with his praise.

Coach Fritz: “I mentioned it a little earlier, I thought Antoine Williams and Edwin Jackson our two inside linebackers.  Those guys have good size and can both really run.  They are very physical.  I saw them run down some running backs today that had good speed as well.  Rare combination of size and speed with both those guys.”

The players are excited about what they have done thus far as well.  After all, they are learning new schemes on offense and defense.  Now, a few weeks in to the new program.  You can just feel the optimism when you hear these kids talk about their units.  “I feel like, our unit defensive wise.  We've come together.” said Linebacker Antoine Williams. “We are really starting to believe in and buy-in to the scheme.”

“Everybodys finalizing their spots.  We got a couple of guys moving around and…I think We've gonna do real good.” said Quarterback Favian Upshaw. “Once our first o-line gets everything like different steps, stuf like that, for the most part, we're gonna do good.” he added.

Still though, lots of work to do.  two more days of drills this week, then a whole summer to prepare for the season opener August 30th against North Carolina State.

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