AJGA Pre-Season event comes to Pooler

AJGA Pre-Season event comes to Pooler (Image 1)

It's one of the most prestigious golf training grounds in the country….this weekend, it's right here in our backyard.  “One of the things that we do,” says Tony Ausick, this weekends' tournament director “This is one of the ways we have juniors introduce themselves to AJGA, with the pre-season events.”

The AJGA or American Junior Golf Asociation can't be considered a minor league for golf.  It's the practice that comes before some of these players even get into high school.  This weekend they are hosting a preseason junior tournament at Savannah Quarters in Pooler.  One of a dozen or so similar pre-season tournaments they hold around the country every year.

“It's a lot of younger players here.  This will be one of the 1st AJGA events they've ever played before.  So, with that being said, yes it usually for the younger players here.”  Ausick adds.

In this case 84 golfers ages 12-18 from 16 states trying match their games against some other rising stars on the golf course.  “One of the best things about AJGA is that we do offer 108 tournaments a year.  Good way to start out.”

The regular season will start end of may and run through the summer when some of these players will really try to make their mark on the junior college scene.

“Our alumns include Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson, Jordan Spieth, Hunter Meyhan, Gary Woodland.  All of the PGA Guys, those guys came through AJGA.”

Who knows, the PGAs next generation might just be out here through Sunday. 

The event is free and open to the public to come out and watch.

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