Mummified Bodies of Identical Twins, 63, Found in Living Room Recliners

Mummified Bodies of Identical Twins, 63, Found in Living Room Recliners (Image 1)

(WMC-TV) Two identical twins, who were 63 years old, were found dead in their recliners, years after they actually passed away. Chattanooga investigators and neighbors are still wondering how they died after the badly decomposed remains were found over the weekend.

Anthony and Andrew Johnson's mummified bodies were found sitting in their living room recliners.

The twins' sister reportedly tried to check on them in August 2011, but she did not have a key. Police say they did not force their way inside because there was no sign of forced entry, foul odor, foul play, or suspicious activity. Finally, on March 29, another family member was able to obtain a key and go inside.

Neighbors did not notice anything out of the ordinary because the grass was cut and the mailbox was not overflowing. A note from the post office was found in the mailbox stating postal carriers believed the residence was vacant, therefore they stopped delivering mail to the address.

“While this incident is tragic and unfortunate, Andrew and Anthony lived a hermit lifestyle and did not communicate with family or anyone else,” said Chattanooga Police Department in a written statement.

In 2011, family members told police they would not be surprised if the brothers had moved out without telling anyone.

Investigators have a good guess on the date of death based on the time stamp found on a receipt near a few unused cans of Coca-Cola. They believe the men died in early 2011.

According to police, both men had a valid driver's license, insurance, and they owned vehicles. There were even records of them owning their own business.

What caused the men to die in their chairs remains under investigation by Chattanooga Police Department. Investigators are waiting on toxicology reports. There were no signs of foul play.

Anthony and Andrew Johnson's family declined to comment on the case.

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