Poison Prevention Week Kicks Off

National Poison Prevention Week kicked off this week and here are some tips from the Palmetto Poison Center on how to protect your loved ones from getting poisoned at home.

· Sit on the ground at eye level of a toddler and look around for harmful items in their reach.

· Keep medication in its original container with the original label. That that way, in case the wrong medicine is taken or is taken by the wrong person, health professionals will know what was taken and the strength of the medicine.

· Do not call medicine ‘candy.'

· Keep medication locked up.

· Keep cleaners in their original containers. Some cleaners look like drinkable items so keeping them in the original containers will avoid accidental consumption.

The Palmetto Poison Center answered more than 31,000 calls from all counties in South Carolina in 2013. About half of those calls were for children under the age of six.

“If children think medicine is candy they want to be like mom, dad or grandpa and take the candy. It is important to keep medicine in its original child proof container,” said Dr. Jill Michels, Palmetto Poison Center.

The calls about adults are usually caused by accidentally taking the wrong medication. About five to ten percent of calls are animal-related calls and while the health professionals are not trained in animal care, they will try to help. For more information visit http://poisonprevention.org/index.htm.


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