Whale Branch “Hoopin’ It Up” Toward State Title

Whale Branch "Hoopin' It Up" Toward State Title (Image 1)

For the second straight year the Whale Branch boys' basketball team has reached the South Carolina High School League Class-A State Title game.




The Warriors came up short last season, but with a strong senior class plan to turn the schools fourth season of hoops into a championship one to remember.

Seniors Chavone Simmons and Jay Abney have been there for four years… since the school first opened its doors and the hoops team won a total of six games.

Other seniors include: Simeon Middleton, Damian Brown, Marcus Bell, Denzel Daniel and Devonta Glover.

Head Coach Linc Lyles won't have brothers Simeon and Michael Middleton for Saturday's title game.  The two are First Adventist and worship the Sabbath.  The star duo also missed the semifinal game, but junior forward David Lamb stepped up to lead the way. 

“We have a lot of talent,” says Jay Middleton.  That's the common theme at Whale Branch… different stars stepping up at different times.

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