Thermostat Claims to Save You 40%

Thermostat Claims to Save You 40% (Image 1)

Smart device only warms/cools the rooms you are using. 

One day it is cold, and the next it is warm.  One day you need heat and the next you need air conditioning.  Either way… it will cost you.

Well, there's now an 'intelligent heating system' that claims it could save you big time. 

It's called Evohome.  It allows users to control your home room by room using a smart phone app.  It even allows you to turn the heating or AC on or off if you forget to do so when you leave. 

Evohome creates up to 12 'zones' in the home that you can control individually.  For example, someone might want the living room to be warmer than a little-used spare room. 

The system eventually learns how a house heats up and cools down, so it can adapt on its own.  It can even react if a window is left open.

Evohome comes with a free app for iPhones and Android smart phones to control zones.  To top it off, you can program actions such as 'day off,' 'economy' or 'away' to change the settings. 

Evohome is made by international heating company Honeyewll.  The device has a touchscreen and it starts at $415. 

But company creators say it's not just about saving money in the long run, it's also about finding the perfect comfort. 


(sources:, daily mail, honeywell)





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