Selfies Used to Detect Skin Cancer

Selfies Used to Detect Skin Cancer (Image 1)

More than just a pretty face!  Selfies now used to detect skin cancer. 

Researchers at the University of Pennsylvania found that dermatologists who checked out hospitalized patients  and those who simply used a photo often reached the same conclusion.

Now to catch everyone up… a selfie is a picture of yourself that is planned to be uploaded to Facebook, Myspace or any other sort of social networking website.  You can usually see the person's arm holding out the camera.

Some say the selfie is the most annoying thing on social media.

But the selfie can now be used in a helpful and possibly life saving way. 

Experts are calling it teledermatology.  You send a picture to a dermatologist, and they determine if you need additional care. 

Dr. Lindy P. Fox says, “There is a real dermatology workforce shortage, especially in rural areas.  Teledermatology is a viable way to deliver care to those who do not have direct access to dermatologists as it allows dermatologic care to be delivered in a timely manner to patients who might have long wait times to see a dermatologist or have to travel long distances to see a dermatologist.”

To put the teledermatology theory to work, they took 50 patients.  They compared the recommendations of one doctor who evaluated the patients in person and two doctors who evaluated the patients via teledermatology.

The agreed on 90 percent of the cases.

Where they didn't agree, it was simply on the treatment and not the diagnosis. 

(sources:  Tech Times, Elle Magazine, ABC News, Daily Mail)




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