Ice Missile Law

Ice Missile Law (Image 1)

When I lived in the Midwest, winter wasn't my favorite time of year.  I didn't mind the snow.  I just didn't love the cold.  And I especially didn't love scraping the ice from my windshield.  Some days I would de ice just enough to 'safely' see my way on the road.

Well, my method would get me a ticket in Connecticut. 

Drivers in the Constitution State are now ticketed for failing to clear snow off their vehicles under new 'ice missile' law. 

It's a law this is making money.

Since it took effect January 1st, state police have issued more than 200 tickets to truckers and motorists.  Each ticket is $120,  so this adds up to nearly $30,000 tickets in just six weeks. 

The area has already seen 12 big snowstorms this winter. 

You'd think this amount would lend itself to lots of practice, but some say it's not that easy. 

Sometimes it's just hard to get it all off.

Some companies have provided large swinging brushes to push snow off.  So far trucking companies have sold 200 roof rakes.  But even these roof rakes can't get to it all. 

Safety, however, is the big concern and the reason for the law.

Chunks of snow and ice flying off vehicles can pose a safety hazard.  The original ticket is $75.  If the snow damages a car or causes a crash, the fine could go up to $200.  For commercial drivers, the fine is higher at $500. 

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