Bad Weather Makes Us Work Harder

Bad Weather Makes Us Work Harder (Image 1)

Researchers say storms can boost our productivity… every cloud does have a silver lining, then.

A week ago, a winter storm kept many of us from school and work. Some of us even struggled to drive to the store.  But researchers of the Harvard Business School have found that bad weather days make us more focused and productive. 

They also found that on warm, sunny days, productivity dropped dramatically.  Hmmm… go figure. 

Francesca Gino, an associate professor of business administration at Harvard Business School wrote, 'On a bad-weather day, people are better at focusing on their work not because the weather makes them grumpy but because they have fewer distracting thoughts about what they might otherwise be doing outside.'

Then on nice days cognitive distractions and error rates were greater. 

The study asked 200 adults to predict the impact of weather on their work productivity.  Well, more than 80 percent predicted good weather would increase productivity, and more than 80 percent predicted that bad weather would decrease productivity. 

Well, those predictions were wrong. 

The study started looking at data from 2007.  Even low visibility and extreme temperatures also matched times of high worker productivity. 

The findings has researchers urging firms to consult the weather forecast when planning staff levels. 

'If an organization wishes to maintain a consistent work output, the weather forecast might be a valuable factor in a staffing model.'

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