Long Sleeves, Heated Benches & Vaseline

Long Sleeves, Heated Benches & Vaseline (Image 1)
Long Sleeves, Heated Benches & Vaseline (Image 1)

How the Broncos and Seahawks plan to keep warm at the Super Bowl...

On Sunday, temperatures are now predicted to be rather balmy.  Earlier forecasts had many players and fans worried.  The high now is expected to reach a balmy 49 degrees. 

Super Bowl XLVIII will be played in New Jersey's MetLife Stadium.

But weeks ahead of the big game, there were thoughts that the temperature could dip well below freezing.  This has both teams turning to technology for help. 

This technology includes heated benches. 

Both sidelines will have 70 feet of heated benches that can be turned up by each team to its desired temperature.

Players also swear by Vaseline.  They rub the Vaseline on their arms.  It creates a layer of insulation that fills their pores and braces them against the cold. 

Another high-tech technique for keeping warm during the game will be giant Tornado space heaters.  They are placed along each sideline.  Players can then huddle around. 

And then there is the most basic method of all… just keep moving. 

Movement gets blood circulating around the body.  It stops your body temperature from falling dramatically.  So many players on the sidelines plan to do lunges and jumping jacks. 

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