Alaska’s Record Warmth

Alaska's Record Warmth (Image 1)
Alaska's Record Warmth (Image 1)

Here we are shivering in this Arctic cold, and Alaska is breaking records for WARMTH.  What is up?!?

Most of the U.S. has spent the past month freezing.  Even Florida has plunged below freezing.  Alaska, however, has hit 60 degrees this week. 

The town of Barrow is just outside the Arctic Circle, and it rarely tops zero. 

For the lower 48 states, the average temperature on Wednesday morning was a bone chilling 22 degrees.  Alaska's was 24. 

Parts of Alaska is so warm that ski resorts have been forced to close. 

So what is going on?  Well, the Hawaiian air flow is moving toward the frozen tundra. Air from the subtropics is flowing all the way up into Alaska. 

The polar air is instead moving to the midsection on the East Coast.  It has been named the 'Polar Vortex.'




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