Lady Mustang Leading the Way in her Final Season

Lady Mustang Leading the Way in her Final Season (Image 1)

At 16 and 3, it's hard to argue the success of the South Effingham Lady Mustangs basketball team.




Friday night, they dug themselves a hole against Statesboro, but found a way out of it through tenacious defense and of course their senior team leader.  They can't do it with out her.  Tianna Germain is the heartbeat behind the South Effingham Lady Mustangs, and her coach isn't afraid to say so.

“She sets the tone for our team.” says Stacey Womack, head coach of South Effingham High School's Lady Mustangs. “When she's playing well, we play well.”

Tianna Germain is having a great senior season with the Lady Mustangs, a season that has seen them drop only 3 games to this point  Clearly the expectations for the post season go up with every win, but there is a comforting feeling about this team when Tianna on the floor. “Absolutely” her coach says. “She's such an impact player.  It's been so fun to have her for four years.  She's a great voice for me out on the court.  And I just couldn't be any more proud right now.

Friday night against Statesboro her ladies fell behind by double digits to a solid Statesboro High girls team, but there was no panic.  Second half was a different story behind a tenacious defense and Tianna's leadership.  Clearly she isn't afraid to let one of her teammates know the effort needs to be better.  It's all about winning and they know it.  “They very much respond to her.” says Womack.  “She's definitely their leader.  She's been captain for three years now.  So they are used to the way she likes to run things.”  

Tianna agrees.  With a twist.

“Yes, sir. This is my team.” She says.  “But I don't think about it as just my team.  It's a team effort.  We take care of business as a team.” she adds.

A team effort of course, but when games are on the line, coach wants the ball in her star guards hands….opponents do all they can to keep it away from her, but like any other successful athlete, she's ready.  “I go home and have my mom chase me around and just run around until I get tired.  Just trying to get open.”

Hey, whatever it takes right.  As long as it works, Tianna's coach has a good feeling about this group.  “Very special group.” says Womack.  “I think we're talented at every position on the floor.  I think we have a lot of potential to be able to go deep into the playoffs.  If we continue to play well.”

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