The Shower-Proof Smartphone

The Shower-Proof Smartphone (Image 1)

Firm creates 'skins' that make the latest handsets nearly indestructible. 

Smartphones are getting smaller and thinner.  Some say this also means it's easier for them to slip out of your hand and break.  It also means they are more expensive to repair or replace.

Well now a US technology firm says it has invented two different 'skins' for smartphones to make them almost indestructible.

One of the skins has a moisture-proof coating.  It is so effective that you could take your phone into the shower with you. 

The other skin acts as a shock absorber.  It claims to protect the phone from getting damaged and the screen from shattering when dropped. 

You simply have the Liquipel Watersafe coating applied to your smartphone. 

The firm says you place your phone in a vacuum chamber where it is surrounded by a gas.  This gas enters every nook and cranny before it solidifies to form an invisible moisture-proof coating of nano-particles. 

The firm just showed off its product at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.  The phones were submerged in water and hit with a half-pound steel ball, and they still survived. 

Some manufacturers and retailers in the US are now selling smartphones and tablets with the Liquipel Watersafe coating already applied. 

It costs around $65 to have the coating applied.  The skins are also on sale on the internet for around $30 each. 





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