Bath Bubbles Can Predict Hurricanes

Bath Bubbles Can Predict Hurricanes (Image 1)

Scientists say bubbles in your bath can predict HURRICANES.  The movement of the soap suds mimic the beginnings of cyclones. 

It may seem like an odd place to look, but French physicists say soap could help predict the strength of storm systems, including hurricanes. 

Supposedly, they say the flow of the surface liquid around a soap bubble membrane behaves in the same way as weather systems over Earth.  They did an entire detailed study of the rotation rates of the bubble vortices – the spinning fluid on the surface.  In all, the study allowed the group to create a simple model to help predict tropical cyclones. 

So how will this bubble study work?  Well, they hope their results will provide more accurate wind intensity predictions, and this could save hundreds of thousands of lives. 

In the bubble study, the scientists said the vortices', like tropical storms, hit a maximum peak right before entering a phase of decline.  From this alone, they developed a simple model of atmospheric flow. 

They then used this model against 150 real tropical storms from both the Pacific and Atlantic.  The model was accurate every time. 

A simple bubble predicting the strength of a massive storm…

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