Recharge Without Plugging In

Recharge Without Plugging In (Image 1)

Check out the new solar-powered Ford that can recharge its batteries WITHOUT being plugged in. 

Ford has unveiled its new hybrid car.  Its roof is covered in solar panels. 

The C-Max Solar Energi claims to be the first sun-powered hybrid vehicle that doesn't depend on electricity for fuel. 

The panels are build by SunPower in California.  They have a single metal layer on the back of the photovoltaic cells.  This layer is fitted inside curved glass on the top of the car, and the company claims this enables them to use 50 percent more energy over the same surface area than standard panels. 

But that's not all.  Ford also plans to amplify the amount of solar energy harvested using a solar concentrator lens called a Fresnel lens.  A Fresnel lens is similar to a magnifying glass. 

Scientists from the Georgia Institute of Technology came up with the idea that the car could be parked under a canopy fitted with Fresnel lens, in an open-ended garage for example. 

Ford says the car could then move independently back and forward underneath the canopy to track the sun and keep the maximum amount of solar energy concentrated on its panels. 

So all in all, this would be enough energy for most people to make local trips without using the car's gas system or plugging the car into an electricity grid. 

The car also comes with a conventional hybrid system for when the sun isn't shining. 




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