Would You Live Here?

Would You Live Here? (Image 1)

Luxury living at an affordable price, and yet the locals are staying away.

This is one of China's ghost towns – a 14 square mile development where no one wants to live. 

Named Dayawan, the buildings stand near a nuclear power plant. 

Locals fear radiation poisoning. 

Developers have had a very tough time selling the homes.  They are even offering free lunch to those who tour the grounds.  The area is designed for about ten-thousand, but only two-thousand have moved in. 

And this isn't the first town that has been left abandoned in China.  Earlier this year a theme park called Wonderland, which is on the outskirts of Beijing, had to be torn down.  The history stretches back 15 years.  Developers got into it with landowners, and there was a corruption scandal that went right to the heart of the communist party. 




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