Santa Spotted in Hilton Head Island

Santa Spotted in Hilton Head Island (Image 1)
Santa Spotted in Hilton Head Island (Image 1)

Santa Claus took some time out of his busy toy making schedule to give kids at The Sandbox Interactive Children's Museum one last chance to get their orders in.

Mr. Claus says this visit to Hilton Head Island has become a tradition of his, in it's fourth year now.

Kids ran to give Santa a hug, but also to ask a few questions of his career.

“One of the biggest questions they ask me is 'Where are the reindeer?'” he says. “Well, the reindeer are out on a farm in Ridgeland getting something to eat, so they will be ready to get back to the North Pole.”

He also brings Rudolph's bells for the kids to ring.

In order to make this trip each year, Santa Claus says he attended Santa Claus school, where he was taught things like how to stay up-to-date on the items kids wish for like iPads and XBoxes.

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