Homes Powered by the MOON

Homes Powered by the MOON (Image 1)

Homes powered by the sun are selling for more and becoming the new standard.  But soon your home could be powered by the sun and the MOON.

It may sound like something out of a science fiction movie, but a Japanese firm has plans to cover the moon in a huge swath of solar panels.  They will use them to power homes back on Earth. 

Shimizu Corporation's Luna Ring project would stretch nearly 7,000 miles around the moon's equator.  There would be a field of solar panels around 250 miles wide. 

Energy captured by these panels would then be sent to Earth using microwaves and laser lights.  The energy would be beamed directly to countries where energy is needed. 

The inventors say the plan would provide an 'almost inexhaustible' energy supply, and it would stop the rise of global warming caused by carbon dioxide from current energy sources. 

They claim the project would eliminate inefficiency due to bad weather, and it would fulfill all of the world's energy needs.

No timeline has been given, but this plan would result in the biggest public infrastructure installation ever constructed. 

The plan would need astronauts to return to the moon and begin the work.  Then robots would help. 



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